Monte Castello - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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       H.S. Silver - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At Monte Castello the result of severe pruning produces the highest quality fruit possible, which is then pressed within two hours of being hand-picked, a crucial step to maintain freshness and eliminate the risk of oxidation.

As a result of natural filtration through muslin, so as not to bruise the olives, we have succeeded in producing by organic farming a limited production olive oil of exceptional finesse and quality.

By planting 60% Casaliva, 30% Leccino and 10% Pendolino olive varieties we have ensured Monte Castello has a unique quality characterised by its intense fruity flavour with a hint of pepper only found from the particular trees planted in this region of Italy.

Monte Castello - Silver
  • Made by hand in limited quantities with Casaliva, Leccino & Pendolino olive varieties.
  • Intense fruity flavour with a hint of pepper.
  • Produced using organic farming and bio-dynamic methods, which includes natural filtration through muslin to keep from bruising the olives.
  • Cholesterol-free and high in anti-oxidants. Including vitamins A,E & K.
  • Granted an H.S. (High Standard) certification for exact compliance to stringent production rules and regulations.
  • Ideal for drizzling over salads, pasta, fish and chicken dishes.
  • 25cl (8.4 fl. oz)
  • Product of Italy
  • Custom made Italian glass bottles.